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The Downside of Credit Repair Magic

What is this credit repair magic anyway? Some people prefer to go it alone and fix their credit by using the services of a reputable credit repair company, while other people like to go it alone and try to fix their credit on their own. If so, then please take note and be very careful. This article contains information on credit repair Magic, the dark side of credit repair.


First, let me just say that credit repair Magic is not real. It is something that many people believe to be true, because they have heard of Lexmark or CompuCredit. These are credit repair programs that were introduced in the late 90’s as stand-alone credit repair machines. These programs were designed to do what they said without any outside help and basically eliminated all the work that was done by a professional credit repair company. While they may have worked for some people, the fact is that they required a large up front fee and often times didn’t produce the results that people were looking for.


So now that we know what credit repair magic is, let’s talk about the drawbacks of these programs. The biggest drawback that you will face when using a stand alone credit repair machine is that you won’t have access to a real credit repair consultant or expert that can help guide you through the credit repair process. While you can use the online services that offer the Lexmark or CompuCredit software system without any outside help, this still doesn’t eliminate the need to have a consultant with you throughout your process. While the software system may provide you with great technology and an easy way to go about repairing your credit, there is no substitute for having a professional on your side that can actually help you out.

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