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Positive thinking blog

By the end of this article, matters in this place have to turn out to be tons extra clearer. That regards COVID-19, we are no longer helpless, in no way, in truth, the reverse. Self-improvement is all about positive thinking in many people’s cases.

The reality is, we are every inner ready with dynamics of prevention and healing mainly regards the situation pertaining globally.

But, until we join consciously with this safety dynamic, and add it nearly into awareness, then scriptures as those remain at their highbrow value handiest. Thus the want of analyzing the above scripture esoterically, in place of literal. Surface analyzing alone of this, or any scripture, does not alter the state of the soul.

More than ever, it’s time for getting into private empowerment or directs enjoyment of the innate gift divine within every one of us. Time for evolving beyond limiting dogmas and notion structures, into actual religious maturity in God-Presence consciousness.

Remembering, that, biblical ‘church’ is not regarding a physical building, however one’s consciousness. Similarly, the biblical term ‘Jew’ refers to ‘inwardly’ — one in search of God inside. The time period isn’t always referring to the Jewish kingdom or its human beings. Thus the phrases on the pinnacle of the crucifixion examine: ‘hail king of the Jews’ that means, praise be the inwardly directed soul in search of their personal Christ within.

This Matthew scripture, therefore, is regarding our being ‘inwardly’, being in slim gate popularity instead of outwardly — extensive gate orientation.

At our center, we’re every ‘inwardly’: we are every seeker.

To this end, know-how keyphrases in the above scripture is crucial.


What do slim and wide gates suggest?

‘Gate’ is a road of experience enjoy, and ‘slim’ is inward attention.

Wide gate is regarding the outer international, to the incessant hobby of the scattered thoughts and its enchantment or affiliation with the conditioned five senses.

So, there are two gates. One main to heaven the alternative to hell. The gate to heaven is the strait, or narrow gate – meaning to be inwardly looking for – and the gate leading to hell is the outer huge gate of feel consciousness.

The questions stand up: what practicalities are worried in getting into the slim gate? Where are these two gates positioned, and the way does one input via the narrow gate? Do we input with our belief systems, our creeds, our faith-flags, or with what?

In different phrases, what’s the password?


The slim gate is mental convergence — a way of self-consciousness — and is positioned within the brain. The wide gate capabilities under the regulation of religious ignorance, here called hell. And the password is, ‘meditational silence’.

Mastering these ‘gates’, by applying the password nearly, are our protection way towards COVID-19. It does so with the aid of growing invincible immunity.

Commencing Inwardly

Both gates to start with represent polar opposite functioning, and for good motive. The purpose being, that we must choose one gate popular over the alternative. Then, having chosen to be inward — slender gate — we make real progress in that route: begin the inward journey of knowing God immediately. This method — so as to be defined — thinking about the tangible rewards of heaven and health, isn’t tough but requires dedication and dedication.

Wide gate recognition satisfies mind-senses most effective, at the same time as Spirit or slender gate satisfies the heart,

Narrowing the focus

So, ‘the slender gate’ first of all is set NARROWING the wide gate: narrowing the energetic intellect. Narrowing the activities of the incessant conscious wondering thoughts and its appeal with the outer world. Narrowing the mental recognition is how the senses turn out to be withdrawn from their gadgets, thus remodeling huge gate experiencing.

Wide gate hobby causes a lack of non secular identity, subsequently the expression ‘what desirable in conquering the arena, if in doing so, we lose our soul’.

We’re born into huge gate well known, consequently the need of God-given schools in bringing approximately slender gate standard, thereby get right of entry to the kingdom of heaven consciousness.

Miracle of Convergence

The narrowing of the huge gate, consequently, is one in all intellectual convergence.

Convergence, by using remodeling wide gate into the slender gate, or, into unmarried-eye cognizance, performs as a miracle-like hobby, in that, convergence helps co-life, wherein each gate feature synergistically as one – ‘as above so underneath’.

Repeated arriving at convergence lets in the mind adapt to dealing with states of awareness simultaneously: international recognition and eternal consciousness. Prior to twin nation of focus, the brain functioned simplest in mono.

When converged kingdom turns into hooked up, we’re no longer below the lack of know-how-compelling impacts or dominance of extensive gate points of interest: we now make aware selections. The brain re-calibrates from mono, allowing the nervous device revel in time and timelessness — relative and absolute — concurrently. Remembering that we are available into this international uploaded in mono most effective.

In other phrases, whilst convergence matures, then slim-gate-huge-gate rework to emerge as infinity and point attention concurrently. I say mature, due to the fact, there’s so much bliss on touch with a point, in the mature slim gate, that the frightened device wishes time to acclimatize, emerge as cultured into withstanding waves of bliss. Thus it takes repeated exercise for the body structure to conform.

Biblically, the factor is referred to as ‘the least among you’, for there’s nothing smaller than least. Once we advantage mature ‘least’ — point-contact, or mature narrow gate awareness — the soul has liberated to surf conscious infinity — the non-permeated state of Being.

The relevance of Aum and the Pineal gland

Let us now introduce the automobile of convergence, the mantra, Aum.

As referred to, with a purpose to go beyond feel hobby, we should hone the intellectual colleges via convergence. In achieving this, the mind adjusts to the reverberations of Aum. Aum mantra is the diffused buzzing sound of the universe. When this sacred vibratory sound oscillates at between 1-3 cycles in keeping with second, the brain attunes itself cosmically or Godly.

This inner hearing of Aum, on the subtle stage, takes the awareness clearly between the eyebrows, to the pineal gland at the middle of the mind. The eyes, in meditation, will robotically travel upwards converging themselves among the eyebrows.

Some can be familiar with sure crucifixion images, in which Jesus’ eyes — at the cross — are open and sincerely directed to this converged factor between the eyebrows. There is how the pineal gland is accessed for its spiritual and health blessings. This gland, therefore, equates to the biblical slender gate, or point consciousness.

There is a bust statue of the pineal gland within the lawn phase of the Vatican. This symbol is never spoken approximately, and, yet its esoteric message is essential in particular at some stage in this present pandemic.

Pineal revel in transcends belief systems.

The pineal is wherein biblical Jacob (symbolism for the as yet non-redeemed soul) saw the face of God (Bliss). ‘Face of God’ is regarding the image and likeness or God-nature watching for stimulation into recognition, into our lives as direct Presence revel in. The pineal center is where the lower ego – extensive gate — gets ‘crucified’. It’s additionally called ‘region of the skull’ – or ‘mount’, which means the highest point of cognizance. In different words, in meditation, while consciousness transcends, it becomes Mount recognition.


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