Day: April 25, 2021

Subcontracting Agreements – Romanian Personnel AgencySubcontracting Agreements – Romanian Personnel Agency

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In the present scenario, the world is seeing an increase in the number of firms that are coming up with their own Romania manpower or recruiting agencies, which in turn is leading to increase in the demand for competent Romanian personnel. The number of companies that are performing this function has grown by leaps and bounds in the past one decade. One of the most common reasons behind such a growth is because many of these firms have come up with an innovative recruitment model wherein the entire recruitment process including interviewing, evaluation and selection of candidates is done through a paperless system, saving both time and money.


As a client of a skilled Romanian personnel recruitment agency you would be privy to a few facts like how the whole recruitment procedure works, the legalities involved in it and the advantages of having a paperless recruitment. This type of recruitment is considered to be highly efficient when it comes to saving both money and time for the company hiring the candidates. A paperless recruitment agency can perform a number of processes like conducting interviews, evaluation, selection and testing of candidates on the spot, screening them on the basis of their qualifications and passing through a thorough selection process where the final selection is done on the basis of both merits and demerits of each candidate. The hiring process thus becomes all the more efficient.


All this is made possible only if the firm on whose behalf your application is being submitted has entered into a legal and binding contract with its Romanian personnel recruits. The exact legalities and clauses under which the contract is drawn up vary from firm to firm, but the general concept is that under such a contract (or a ‘binding subcontracting agreement’) the hired firm is legally bound to recruit and place its qualified Romanian personnel in its respective company for as long as the recruitment process is ongoing. Moreover, it also binds the hired firm to provide all the facilities and benefits that would be extended to its employees. As an employer, you would be rest assured of receiving the best of the skills available at your disposal.…