Day: January 14, 2021

How to Carry Out Mould Testing in Hawkes Bay

Mould testing Hawkes Bay

The primary aim of Mould testing Hawkes Bay is to prevent the worsening of building material as well as the deterioration of property by the growth of mould. It is necessary in order to identify the area affected and to then carry out a controlled moisture test. This allows the home or business owner to identify any areas of concern and, if need be, carry out remedial work, prior to the full growth of mould. During the initial tests it is important to note that all mould should be identified; this is to avoid future issues being caused by unseen mould. The tests carried out involve a number of different aspects of the potential causes of the presence of mold in the home or building, which include:


The tests themselves are often very detailed and can take many hours; they must be carried out over many days to be complete. Mould can vary vastly in appearance and can even develop on structures that cannot readily be viewed. Hawkes Bay can benefit from an initial moisture test, as the moisture level can be checked and treated prior to development of any mould. A qualified engineer will carry out the test and will record the results. In some circumstances, if the cause of the condition can be established, a recommendation can then be made in order to eradicate the problem.


Some testing can also be done to determine the likely severity of the condition. A visual examination may indicate that the only way to treat the situation is to remove the affected materials. There is always the option of sealing the space and restoring it to its former condition. All tests carried out by professionals are thorough, and are designed to give a conclusive verdict as to the condition of the area.