The Wide Definition of Mobile Phone Advertising



To analyze the widest definition of mobile phone advertising, users should know that by definition advertising uses mass media. It is essentially any nonpersonal promotion or presentation of ideas, services or products. These by definition are in a form that is paid for by an identified sponsorship company, thus it is true advertising. Today the meaning of advertising in relation to mass media is blurred to include mobile multimedia. This indicates something broader than just TV, radio broadcasting, journalism or the press.

The mobile advertising of today can be loosely categorized into five advertising formats, a primary and secondary category with three sub categories.

The primary category is web based advertising formats. These include mobile internet, banner advertising, search engines, websites and mobile portals. All these are specifically designed with online and mobile phone versions. The mobile internet as a whole is under this category. This is still being defined by advancements in technology.

The secondary category is broadcast based advertising formats. These include mobile radio broadcast networks, streamed live video feeds, broadcast mobile television networks. The research this article is based on also recognizes upcoming mobile advancements like DVB-H, DMB, DAB-IP, MediaFLO and ISDB-T. This is at best an incomplete and limited technological assessment for the future.

Recently the differences between White Book and Regional DVD formats may have originated in this realm, but now are standardized and not related to mobile advertising formats. This only is used as a metaphor type of example, not to be used literally for modern technological definition. This is why there is the need for the following sub categories.

The three sub categories are less clearly defined or technologically limited at this point, but are necessary none the less in describing the advertising formats specifically.

The first sub category is narrow bandwidth or narrowcasting based advertising formats. This might be said to include mobile podcasts or bluecasting, or Bluetooth transmitted narrowcasted media. This is somewhat limited to the general public usage. It may remain so, it is hard to say. Although Podcasting is the big usage of this sub category.

The second sub category is browsing based advertising formats. These are split into two divergent types. One group uses methods of touch, scanning or pointing at information. The other groups uses technology such as barcodes, hypertagging, RFID or the like. These allow access to information or internet distributive by targeting and pointing the mobile phone device.

The final sub category is undefined advertising formats. These include ringtones for advertisements, advertisements on mobile device screens when idle, product placement in video games, product placement in virtual environments, visual elements or text that could be called visual radio broadcasting. Also this would be the place for anything yet to be invented in the foreseeable future.

In essence this is the technical definition of advertising, since the advent of mobile phone advertising formats. Mobile media and mass media as understood for the 21st century to date.