What is a QR?



What is a QR? Many online users have heard of QR, but do not know what it is. This is a basic explanation that should make this clear to the reader.

A QR is the acronym for Quick Response. QR refers to a two dimensional barcode that is sometimes used on printed pages for adding web links or addresses. A QR barcode can be used by web cams or mobile device cameras, when scanned the QR reader will quickly take you to the web link associated with the QR barcode. The web link could be anything including web content, a video webpage or a corporate website. The convenience of QR barcodes is that they are an easy way to direct customers to a website, but without needing to type in the actual URL. In some cases the QR barcodes are equivalent to an actual URL. This causes some concern about their security, but this is generally not true. If visitors could create a URL that bypasses security, there is no reason to assume the QR barcode would add to this.

There are several QR barcode and standard barcode generators available today. They are made for a variety of platforms, although most are able to be read with any standard QR reader application. Some web services also allow users to generate QR barcodes and are generally readable by multiple platforms. This is because QR is also widely used and is part of almost all platforms used in modern website development globally. QR barcodes are widely accepted.

The ability to read and access a QR barcode is dependent on the technology the user has. In order to read the physical world hyperlink or what is called a hardlink, the reader device needs to have the correct software installed. Readers can be a web cam, a smartphone or even a standard computer, but it will need to software to interpret the scanned QR barcode image. When the device reads the QR barcode, it can then interpret the scanned information. It does this using the keywords or the QR reader, the application used may vary depending upon the device being used. Users can do a standard web search for QR readers or applications, if the standard QR reader software is not installed.

There are some new technologies that are trying to reduce the usefulness of QR barcodes. These companies are currently working with alternatives to the standard QR barcodes and their adoption rates. Because of these newer technologies, QR is becoming less frequently used and is being phased out by what is called Near Field Response or NFC. Even so, QR is a form of technology that is still widely used today and is not likely to go away any time soon.

This is essentially what you need to understand what a QR is. They are a form of barcode technology that users deal with all the time, but may not be aware of. This should leave the user a bit more informed.