What are QR Codes used for?



What is a QR? Many online users have heard of QR, but do not know what it is. This is a basic explanation that should make this clear to the reader.

What are QR Codes used for? QR codes or Quick Response codes are sometimes used to share links via webpages or mobile devices. Originally this technology was designed for tracking individual parts in the processes of manufacturing. It was also used for finishing equipment in the print industries, but this was more with 2D style barcodes. The most important reason they are used is to share various types of information online. The accessing of information through these codes requires a mobile device and the QR reader application that will let the device translate the information properly. Without these it is not usually possible to access the information contained within the QR code or to translate it. Here are several examples of how this technology is being used by modern businesses and individuals to make accessing their information easy for their customers.

QR codes can share configuration data for WIFI services. By scanning the code, a mobile device can quickly configure itself to make use of a local WIFI access point. This is a convenience at many hotels and inns worldwide.

QR codes can be used to store information about a geographical location. By scanning the code on an advertisement or a billboard, it can reveal its location to the customer. Using its online navigation software, a mobile device can give the user information about how to find the location of the business from the code that is scanned.

QR codes can be used to access an email message with message text and subject. This will usually be a message that is sent as a request. Then the reply can be sent directly to the mobile device and the request can be addressed directly by a business. This also saves time in the communication process.

QR codes can access an SMS with the telephone number and text. By scanning the code the user can sign up for contests automatically. It is a quick way to participate in contests and win prizes as a user.

QR codes are a way to access online information about events. By scanning the code on an advertisement or poster for an event, the mobile app will access event information. This can include event name, date, location and other relevant data via your smartphone or mobile device.

QR codes can even be put on individual business cards with the contact information that can be accessed electronically. By scanning the code, mobile devices can use their reader application and add contacts to their stored address listings. This is one of the most widely used functions of QR codes.

In general, QR codes are a way to access web content, websites, personal data, videos, multimedia or other online information with a QR reader application by scanning. Although this listing covers many of the uses for QR codes, it is only a summary of the application possibilities. The uses for this type of technology are only limited to the needs of the users and how they find ways to apply it.