What can NFC devices do?



What can NFC devices do? That is a very long answer. Being there are so many things that near field communication does, but here is the short list. NFC or Near Field Communication devices use wireless and short range technology of all kinds. Recently the transmission of data by short range transfer has come to include touch of devices, which ads a relatively new type of technology into usage...

NFC devices expand and simplify social networking applications. NFC allows for Friend-to-friend sharing with other devices. Mobile online gaming allows tapping devices for multiplayer modes. Users can tap devices to pay a friend or a retail register with electronic transfers. An electronic business card, user contacts, electronic money and file sharing of all kinds.

File sharing can include websites, applications, videos, photos and music with NFC technology. The touch technology has really revolutionized designs for Near Field Communications. More new devices like are being compared to Bluetooth technologies. NFC operate with slower speeds and use less power, plus they do not require pairing. NFC is often the choice for crowded situations where transmission of signals can become difficult.

NFC devices are used in all kinds of eCommerce today. Near Field Communication devices are the choice of major companies for electronic transactions. NFC devices are used for Point of Sale, Mobile payments, boarding passes, coupons, tickets and tour guides. All devices have some level of encrypted identity privacy. NFC devices can be enabled with an ID Card, Keycards, Rental car keys and hotel keys. These allow for quicker VIP check ins and other advantages for users. The main issue users have is security versus secure personal information or privacy. Not all applications absolutely create this for the user.

Although limited to a few centimeters distance, Near Field Communication does not guarantee secure communications. Security requires awareness on the user and the provider ends. Users must protect their personal devices to ensure their personal privacy. NFC devices are currently being upgraded almost daily from hacking, eavesdropping and data modification from outside devices. This is the work of several different levels and agencies with industry, along with the federal government. Much new legislation is still being worked out concerning NFC technologies, but this is due to the large numbers of them being used. It is a clear testament to how widely used Near Field Communication is becoming.

NFC is an open platform technology standardized in coding, modulation, transfer speeds and frame format for the RF interface in most devices. Over time it is assumed that the majority of wireless devices will convert to NFC, if they are not already. It is the simplest way to create seamless wireless connectivity for the widest area of mobile users worldwide. Near Field Communication is a revolution that is changing the world, but more importantly the way the world communicates. All through using NFC devices.

So when asked what can NFC devices do? It really is more of an answer to say, what can't they do?