Tactics for Mobile Promotion



The use of mobile promotion and mobile marketing tactics are most successful with a clear objective in mind. There are a variety of mobile promotion tactics that have been used successfully by businesses globally and locally. These include sweepstakes, instant winner promotions, mobile coupon incentives, participation contests and user polling apps. Each has different rates of success, but is best used with an objective that is the goal for the mobile promotion.

Sweepstakes have the objective of drawing in new potential customers. A mobile promotion sweepstakes generally invites users to send a text message to a short code address. They enter and there is a drawing for prizes at a later date. This encourages the users to keep in touch and offer more information about themselves in the process. Most prizes are a trip, a car or cash that work effectively.

Instant winner promotions are similar to sweepstakes, the objective being to draw in new potential customers. Again prizes are generally a trip, a car or cash, but users text message their response to see if they are an instant winner. These mobile promotions also allow for the use of cross promotion advertising that goes along with their instructions on how they can redeem their prize, as an instant winner.

Mobile coupon incentives have the objective of gaining demographic information about a user’s regional shopping habits. This kind of mobile promotion enables marketing of customized coupons; it lets the customer participate directly in the process. This is always a big incentive to create customer brand name loyalty, at least over time. The customer must redeem their coupon in store in order for the marketing to work effectively. Participation contests may also be part of mobile coupon promotions; it depends upon the time of year. These work better during the holidays or summer months in the United States.

User polls and apps that allow voting are very popular. Consumers do appreciate being heard; do not ever down play the want for their opinions to be expressed by the public. These mobile promotions are the best kind of mobile marketing, because the objective is to have the user reveal detailed information about themselves and their shopping habits. By answering the well-chosen questions in the opinion poll application, they are already fulfilling the goal and the objective. Voting based polls are the most successful, although some people are less inclined to give their personal information on such user polls.

Mobile promotion and mobile marketing tactics like these are very commonly used. They have shown that they are generally successful in their goals and objectives, so they will be the most useful if done correctly. Remember to utilize these simple customer strategies in any significant mobile promotion that is seeking to increase the customer base of a new business. There is little risk associated with any of these tactics, but the rewards can be amazing. Each is guaranteed to offer new insight into the users and customers that are interested in the promotion.