Internet Mobile Marketing for the Small business and Beyond



Consider the implications of Internet mobile marketing for the small business and beyond that even. Internet mobile marketing is quickly becoming the focus of interest for all major businesses, but it is also something for the small business to think about now. Mobile marketing is the buzzword everyone is using lately and it is for good reason. Mobile marketing is going to become even bigger than social media networks. Find this hard to believe, let us discuss some of the facts and stats about Internet mobile marketing.

Back in 2009 here are some facts. Over 95% of new mobile devices had web browsing capability. Over 70 million customers used them daily in the United States. SMS text messages sent annually was over a trillion. Apple iPhones had over 2 billion downloads for apps. That was in 2009. It is now 2012, so most of those figures are about tripled. The Internet mobile marketing opportunities are wide open for anyone willing to capitalize on them properly.

Look at the landscape of Internet mobile marketing for what it is today. The mobile phone device has the balancing force that is being used to integrate ecommerce, social networks and multimedia. Traditional mass marketing has become replaced by world of the mobile device and seamless interactivity. For all business applications, the mobile phone is becoming the new age version of what the personal computer once was. In reality, mobile devices are just a brightly lighted beginning. There is so much more that has not yet hit the mainstream in technological advancements, but it is just around the corner.

Internet mobile marketing is becoming the focus for all major businesses, including small businesses. Ask yourself as a small business person, how can you integrate mobile marketing devices into your current methods of doing business. Are your customers using mobile devices and are they already paying for access to information? What about the information that they need from your business, what are they willing to pay for access to your business? These are the things a small business owner should be asking themselves before investing their money, what can Internet mobile marketing do for your small business now?

Why settle for cool phones and downloadable applications, when there is so much more that Internet mobile marketing is capable of today. Investigate the full capabilities of the mobile device revolution and then decide what your next investment should be. This maybe the greatest time of opportunity that any of us will live to see, the future is being made. Make mobile devices more than just the next toys on the block. Come to understand that Internet mobile marketing is more akin to magic than mere science; IT is the new alchemy and now is the age of wizardry again. Now take a look at the mobile devices in your pockets, so what are is in your thoughts now for the future and beyond that even.