Some Facts about Mobile Phone Marketing



Mobile phone marketing involves actively communicating with the user as a business with a product or service. Mobile devices have made possible this kind of direct introduction of this relationship between the product and the consumers. Still most people do not know that much about the world of mobile devices, so here are some facts about mobile phone marketing as it is in reality today.

It was not until June 2008 that SMS technology became widely used, not even in the United States. At that point 75 billion SMS text messages were reported being sent per month. This was more than 18 billion in the 18 months prior to June 2008. It is said that American Idol voting was the first significant system that got many Americans texting officially. With this factor in mind, this is a fairly recent polling of data from Experian and what three other major corporations in the mobile phone markets have to say.

Since June 2008 these are some of the major milestones human being have hit with being users of mobile devices. Over 30 countries have now more mobile devices than population in numbers, even so only 80% of those counted were users of mobile devices. Over 60% of the human population is a mobile subscriber, about 4.1 billion people. China alone accounts for 400 million of that total head count. The United States has over 242 million subscribers, over a third have mobile devices and 98% of handsets have SMS and text messaging. The USA is keeping up their end as consumers that is to be sure. Still a country like Indonesia is a closing the gaps with 50 million or so subscribers. Not bad really if you think about it. Within these statistics it is interesting that 10% of all SMS messages are spam related, as opposed to email being 65% spam.

The Nielsen group found that more than 50% of USA mobile devices would respond to mobile advertising. This is a huge statement in terms of mobile phone marketing campaigns, the United States is very marketing friendly. Although we may be annoyed by some advertising content, Americans do still love their freedom to choose. It is also noted that Generation X and the Baby Boomer generation are more connected than their grandparents are in the USA. This is not that surprising in reality. The stats are even higher for the Generation Y groups that are young enough to have been raised with online technologies. Generation X was the last generation to remember what the world was like before mobile phone marketing content dominated the planet.

Mobile phone marketing companies are constantly taking inventory of such data. This is how they adapt and attempt to keep up with the advancements that users are expecting from mobile devices. Globally this is a task that would be impossible, if it were not for the use of mobile devices.