The Disadvantages of Mobile Phone Marketing



For most mobile phone marketing, the advantages far outweigh any disadvantages compared to standard web based advertising. Mobile phone marketing is cheaper, faster, portable, advertising is personalized, it has a good customer relationship model and even has its own built in payment networks. Mobile devices have everything that a business could wish for to make customers and products come together strategically.

The disadvantages of mobile phone marketing are simple, but still have reasonable limitations that are yet to be overcome. There are four main areas that cause problems with the public for businesses and are due to these disadvantages in mobile phone marketing. Each is something that most users have expressed in a majority and globally to degrees.

The first area is a problem with the development of mobile devices and the associated technologies. Lack of standardization in mobile device technologies is a continuing problem. Mobile phones are even less standardized than personal computers before them were. Mobile phones are as varied in screen sizes, operating systems and browsers that it makes mobile phone marketing options a nightmare in some ways. This area must be addressed for the public to ever be truly satisfied with the current technological advances

The next area has been an issue since the invention of the computer itself. Lower privacy standards than are acceptable to the public on the whole, are a major issue. Privacy is always a question when it comes to mobile devices. For the mobile phone marketing sector, this must be overcome every time a new campaign of mobile advertising is launched. The disadvantages from this stigma are crucial to the further development of mobile phone marketing in the future.

There has long been a problem in technology, from as far back as the automobile with navigation. Navigation is problematic at best for most newer technologies. Since the average mobile devices are small, so are the keypad and screens. This is a continual exercise in patience for most users and an absolute source of fury for others. This must be addressed, beyond the touch screen and QWERTY keypad advancements. Perhaps in the coming decades this will become a priority for the current innovators globally. It is a disadvantage to mobile phone marketing, for if the user does not like driving then it is hard to sell them a car.

The final area of frustration for most users is the need for reeducation with every new upgraded device they purchase. Most mobile devices require a whole new learning curve for the average user. The mobile phone marketing campaigns rely highly on the user end of response to advertising. Obviously if the users are not yet functionally able to use their mobile devices, it would seem to be a disadvantage and clearly a design oriented problem. This maybe the tragic flaw of most newer technologies, but perhaps one day it will be a the automobile and driving will become second nature to our society.