Challenges in the World of Mobile Phone Marketing



Mobile phone marketing is a relatively new way to advertise and utilizes equally new global technologies. There have been several challenges in the world of mobile phone marketing, as it has evolved and become a larger phenomenon. The main challenges include security issues, increased competition in the mobile phone markets, pricing concerns from customers and problems with text messaging spam. All these are current and major problems facing the modern mobile phone marketing industry. Users of mobile phone consider these four topics to be the top concerns for the public today.

There are many security issues involving mobile phone marketing campaigns and how they can impact consumers. In general these can all be put under the umbrella statement, that consumer SMS and text messaging should not be used for private or confidential information transmission. Most text messaging done via mobile phones cannot be considered secure communications. SMS messages are known at least to the network system operators and their key personnel, but are accessible to many others in the chain of operations. SMS gateway providers help with this issue, but are not fool proof.

Increased competition is challenging the traditional SMS and text messaging marketplace almost daily. Cheaper and more functionally advanced alternative services are available for most smartphones or mobile phones with data connectivity. With text messaging still being a new and growing market, competition between global providers is becoming ever more fierce. This is especially true between providers in different countries currently.

Pricing concerns are being expressed more from consumers about off plan text messaging from the United States. This is one reason why there is so much competition with the traditional mobile phone service providers, some still charge up to 20 cents per text for out of package texting. Although there is some legislation that helps prevent this, it is still an evolving and pending issue worldwide.

The most commonly expressed challenge in mobile phone marketing is text message spam and the problems stopping it. The unsolicited practice of sending consumer advertising to mobile phones with SMS and text messaging, not to mention email is an ever explosive trend. SMS messaging is less of a victim since 2007, but it is one of the most widespread problems that hurt the reputation of legitimate mobile phone marketing companies.

As the mobile phone marketing world evolves, it will have to deal with these issues that impact business and public users of mobile phones. Companies that do not do this will gain reputations for being part of the problem, rather than being part of the solution. This is going to be more important as the landscape of competition for the mobile phone marketplace widens. Eventually there will have to be new regulations and standards imposed, if nothing is changed by the providers of mobile phones directly. These challenges all should become a priority to all mobile phone marketing companies to be proactive about changing; it is their reputations that are at stake realistically.