The Advantages of Mobile Phone Marketing



In principle there are some very distinctive advantages of mobile phone marketing. These benefits are what make this type of advertising strategy both profitable and interesting for big business in the modern era. Although these same reasons are of interest to small business and individuals, it is not the primary concern to address that full spectrum of business activities.

The speed is instantaneous and the response from advertising is high volume. For what the business puts into mobile phone marketing, the results are well worth the costs almost always. In general SMS messaging solicits a 25% response rate to mobile ads, no matter what is being marketed. That is a very high response rate indeed. Combine this with the lower costs of messaging, advertising can be updated and processed much easier. Cost effectiveness is an advantage unto itself.

The efficiency and real time tracking of information makes mobile phone marketing much easier than other advertising. It able to reach a much wider audience due to the nature of mobile devices and how people use them. With GPS, location based messaging, device detection and geographic locating on mobile devices, the data gathered can be enormously useful. There also are not the typical language barriers, so that advertising is as effective in other countries for the most part.

The ability to utilize multimedia, graphics, text, video and audio seamlessly is uncanny. No other form of mass media has allowed this evolution in technology. Mobile phone marketing is as dazzling as anything that preceded it in modern advertising. This is another factor that makes it all the more effective, plus it has a generation that is becoming used to it quicker than television in the last one.

The user has direct and personalized mobile phone marketing sent to them. This makes their advertising more likely to be effective, being that it is specifically geared towards their searches, purchasing and personality on profile electronically. An additional advantage is the usage of mobile devices for instant payments through various online systems, this allows for instant purchasing of a direct marketed product or service. The goal is achieved and most efficiently, again the speed of the transaction cannot be denied as important. All mobile phone marketing benefits from this application clearly.

These are only the primary and obvious advantages to using mobile phone marketing today. In time, as the numbers of mobile devices exceeds even current statistics, it may amaze the world even more. The access to direct communication with users is a tool that is to the advantage in both sides of the transaction. Users benefit by the convenience and getting personalized marketing tailored to their lifestyle. The advertisers benefit from the quickness and cost effective aspects in the turnaround for completion of their sales. Business and personal worlds are actually synchronized in a way that has never been seen in human history. As technology advances, it will be interesting to see what other advantages are awaiting.